On 29th November 2013, there was a great talk by Ustadh Bilal Hussain (Exeter Mosque). Given a title of “A Story of Prophet Yusuf – Trials and Tribulations; How Students’ Can Benefit“, the Queens Building Lecture Theatre 1 seats were filled with those who hunger for knowledge. At the end of the talk, there was a bake sale and bucket collection for the Philippines. As we are all aware, Philippines was recently hit by a typhoon and they are pretty much need some money and help as huge as possible. Again, it was another successful event held under Islamic Society as we finally managed to raise £104.42 in just one night. Alhamdulillah! (praise be to Allah)

Below were some of the main points that i managed to jot down during the talk. The dissection on Surah Yusuf was superb! There are indeed many lessons that we can gain from the Surah, and therefore apply them all in our life. The scope was not merely limited to students life, however it thoroughly touched on family matters, human behaviour, Creator-creature relationship and etc.

1. There is a possibility that children may lie, no matter how much you have nurtured them.  Remember, Yaacob (Prophet Yusuf’s father) is also a prophet, certainly he has had given his best to raise his children, yet his children’s action did not reflect this. For example, due to jealousy prophet Yusuf brothers finally decided to cast their younger brother into a remote well and lied to their father about Prophet Yusuf death. 

2. Lack of communication between family members may crack this special family bond into pieces. Just look at what Prophet Yusuf brothers did, his brothers straightaway decided to kill Prophet Yusuf instead of telling about their discontentment and discussing this matter to their father. Implicitly saying, this Surah also teaches us about possible challenges that may exist during parenting and growing up a child. Indeed, it is not easy.

3. The next point is, don’t lie!  yes, of course you can lie (I am using a cynical tone here) but, you have to become a perfect liar then so that there’ll be 0.00% chance of you getting caught red handed lying. Once you lie, there will always be a temptation to do it again and again. Apparently, people will always find out the proof, even if it is a little one. Islam said, NEVER LIE and DON’T EVER THINK OF LYING!

4. This might be the most important part of the story; in every challenge that you may face in life, face it with patience and prayer (the least assimilation of taqwa that should be portrayed by Muslims). “Taqwa” means refraining yourself from doing anything that may displease Allah. There is nothing in this world that can’t be sorted out. There’ll be always a way no matter what. Worry less and just remember that everything is gong to be fine, InshaAllah

5. Indeed Allah has Instill one mutual natural feeling to both men and women. Men will get attracted to women, and women will have a desire towards men. No one can say that s/he is bad or evil for having that feeling. However, it is still up to us to CONTROL that desire and feeling, hence prevent it from controlling us. At the same time, ask Allah for his help and guidance along the way.

“A man will only be held accountable for his actual physical deeds, not for his evil thoughts”

On a final note, the key message for students’ to take away: no matter what you go through, no matter all the tests Allah puts you through (the temporary hardships of exams and deadline season, remind yourself of the trials and tribulations Yusuf (AS) overcame with his sabr (patience) and taqwa (God consciousness). Such reminders can only benefit the believer, as success and victory is a guarantee from Allah.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves very much and would really looking forward for the next talk, InsyaAllah. Before i forget, we will have our final event for this term, and it is “Feed Syria-ISOC End of Term Event”. Full detail of the event can be found through below link:


On behalf of Islamic Society committee, i would like to humbly invite everyone to come and enjoy to this splendid dinner as we will also raise some money for Syria. The plan is simple; Everyone will gather and have fun, we’ll bring foods and gobble them all, and at the same time raise some money for good cause (InsyaAllah). That’s all, salam. cheers!

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