Exeter Students’ Guild recently had their first ever awards ceremony.

The Students’ Guild Awards recognise, celebrate and reward the exceptional achievements of the Guild’s student groups, representatives and members and the impact they make locally, nationally and internationally.

During the awards ceremony, held on the 5th July awards in the Great Hall, 14 categories were awarded recognising the different aspects of the Guild. Over 450 nominations was received representing the diverse range of activities that student participate in during their studies at the University of Exeter.

The winners included Exeter’s Islamic Society, winning the ultimate prize, ‘Student Group of the Year 2013’. Exeter Islamic Society have had a host of events this year, catering for all the Exeter student body. Events have included Charity Week, Poetry Night, International guest speaker tours, and Discover Islam Month and more.

Throughout the country, Islamic Societies have been receiving a lot of unfair pressure from the media and are labelled “breeding grounds for terror”, and now, Exeter Islamic Society believe they can be the leading example, and it really making the change. It’s a phenomenal achievement. 

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