“One cause, One week, All the difference”

In the past two weeks, Islamic Society members were busy planning and preparing a variety of activities to make this charity week a successful one. From the legless penguin and big-headed bear wandering around campus doing bucket collections, to henna-drawing, bake sales and even an exciting FIFA 14 competition, you may have asked yourself ‘What were these for’?

Charity week for Orphans and Needy children is a non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer-led. It takes place in all Islamic Societies across the UK and Ireland and raises money for orphans and needy children for one week a year. This year is special, as #CW2013 reaches it’s 10th Anniversary, they have raised over £3m since it first began back in 2003.

On the first day of the charity week (Monday November 4th 2013), we started with bucket collections. If you can just remember a funny looking penguin outside the forum on the first day of the week this month, that was actually our first mascot that went out doing first bucket collection. Alhamdulillah, the first bucket collection was so good that it pumped up the other volunteers! This continued for a week until November 8th. On the next day, we had henna-drawing in the forum, together with the sale of brownies and cupcakes. I stumbled upon the creativity of those making the henna designs. It was so beautifully done on so many hands that I even had to get it done on mine too! To be honest, that was actually the first henna experience in my life. The sale of brownies and cupcakes was superb as well. I can still imagine the taste of the Welsh cakes and those small vanilla cupcakes in my mouth. MashAllah, they were so mouth-watering and tasty to the point where I feel like finding those who make that cupcakes for their recipe!

Not only that, we had other amazing charity events such as sales of unwanted, yet usable items, a Polaroid photoshoot in the forum, exclusive girls only party, mini football tournament and FIFA 14 competition on the week after. It was indeed a very busy week. All the volunteers were fully aware that this was going to be hectic, but we managed to keep up consistently with all the work. Ikhlas and sabr (sincerity and patience), that was all we had in mind. Albeit the lack of sleep and rest, Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, especially during girls party and FIFA 14 competition, both of them contributed the most to the money collection. In total, we finally raised up to an overwhelming amount of £1558.62 in under two weeks. Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah)!

All in all, we really enjoyed charity week. Frankly speaking, we also learnt and gained something beneficial from this. For example, bucket collection alone will teach you many things. Leave your shyness behind in order to grab the attention of people, whilst always smiling, and to be able to explain who you are and what’s the donation for every time you’re asked. One penny, two pennies, three or four….the number of coins will eventually keep growing in your bucket. Sometimes people may give away a really small change they’ve got in their pocket, but then essentially you know that it was not the amount that matters, but as long as the donation was made with sincerity and a pure heart. Again, on behalf of Islamic Society committee, I would like to direct a very special thanks to all the volunteers, Exeter students and the Students’ Guild for supporting and helping us with these charity week activities. We can hardly raise that much money without your help. That’s all, cheers!

Last updated: 18/11/2013

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